Islands Need ‘Large Amount Of Work’ On Mental Health Provision

Members of the Council’s Health Overview and Scrutiny committee have received a report highlighting the problems with mental health provision on the islands.

But it concludes that there is still “a large amount of work” needed to ensure the safety of patients.

The report, written by senior primary care manager, Rachel Crawley, is in response to an incident in July this year, reported by ScillyToday, when a visitor to the islands suffered an acute deterioration in mental health and had to be cared for by a local hotelier.

This highlighted problems in communication between the different health and emergency response agencies on the islands as well as difficulties getting the patient to specialist care on the mainland.

Ms Crawley’s says the main problem is a lack of a ‘safe place’ where a patient can be looked after ‘with dignity and privacy.’ St Mary’s hospital can’t be used because the accommodation is unsuitable and is not registered by the Care Quality Commission.

A safe place has been identified by the Council but work is needed to make it suitable and get it registered.

Rachel says the PCT will need to ensure there is a doctor on the islands who can ‘section’ a patient, communication needs to be improved and some training put in place.

She adds that while good progress is being made on this long-standing issue, there still remains a lot of work to be done.


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