Councillor Questions State Of New School Paths

The path by the sea wall last weekend

The workmanship of the path alongside the Old Town sea wall and the route past the incinerator has been called into question in Council.

This was in response to a question posed by Cllr Richard McCarthy at yesterday’s Policy and Resources meeting. Cllr McCarthy noted that the path through Doyley Woods was incomplete with, “bits breaking up.”

He also wanted to know what had, “gone wrong” with the path along the sea wall and said he hoped the contractors hadn’t been paid yet.

Both paths were constructed over the school half term in October.

The Council’s chief technical officer Neville Gardner says his department is working with their mainland contractor to fix problems with the new surface.

He said the condition of both areas was noted immediately the work was finished and he has contacted them to discuss how they’re going to fix it.

He added that wet weather that struck following the start of the work hadn’t helped.

Locals, using social media, haven’t been impressed by the appearance of the path. Francis Hosking called it ‘disgusting’ and ‘a disgrace’ while Liz Martland referred to it as ‘an assault course.’

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