Two Long-Serving Club Members To Stand Down

Wilf Elvin

Two of the longest serving members of St Mary’s Sporting Club, which operates the Garrison shooting range, have resigned to allow younger members to become more involved.

Wilf Elvin joined the club 40 years ago, soon after it was formed. His wife Dot has been a committee member for years too and has previously served as the club’s secretary.

Wilf says he remembers the club when they used to shoot out in the open from a table placed on the range. It wasn’t until the club ordered an old GI hut and had it shipped over from Penzance, that members could shoot from a sheltered indoor spot.

And the club have always had a high regard for safety, he says, although many extra rules have been introduced over the years and that has had an impact on his enjoyment of the sport. In particular, the tightening of regulations after the Dunblane tragedy in 1996 meant the club had to stop using pistols.

That was a blow to Wilf as he had trained to become a qualified pistol coach.

Wilf says he’s pleased that the club is attracting so many younger members and is still going strong when other groups have struggled to keep going. The club is even having to add extra evenings to accommodate the number of young members and Dot says she’s pleased the archery is proving popular as well.

Both Mr and Mrs Elvin say they will miss being involved with the club but they won’t mind not having to tackle the drive out to the range in the winter.