Sports Hall Encouraging More Users By Cutting Fees

Active Scilly have announced a series of seasonal special offers in order to encourage more residents and visitors to use the sports facilities on St Mary’s.

Figures reported at this month’s Community Services meeting show that, while the numbers of people using the new sports hall are well up on those estimated by Sport England, who provided a sizeable grant for the building, it appears that revenue is well down on the expected levels.

It means the sports facilities are facing a large shortfall by the end of the financial year.

Chair of Community Services, Cllr Richard McCarthy, says he’s a great believer in incentivising people to use the facilities more regularly or even to visit for the first time, and cutting fees for a short period makes good sense.

The special deals will be running from 19th November to 23rd December and include a third off most prices including unlimited adult use of the swimming pool for £25, and use of both the pool and gym for £33.

Richard said the Sports Management Group and the Community Services committee will be reviewing Active Scilly fees between now and next Feb, when they prepare for the next financial year.

That decision will obviously take into account how things have panned out financially over the previous 12 months, he says.


2 Responses to Sports Hall Encouraging More Users By Cutting Fees

  1. IanT November 20, 2012 at 9:26 am

    With over £40,000 PER HEAD of population being spent on the school and sports hall it certainly would be sad if it was not used but I have to say that the location of the hall and, more especially, the swimming pool, is not going to encourage visitors the vast majority of which would have to walk to the location.
    Nearly twenty years ago I suggested that the little used land at the back of Porthmellon Beach, already the main location for water based activities, be developed to include a range of sports facilities AND a swimming pool the latter to be heated by the output of the nearby incinerator though this could be supplemented by solar cells as well these days.
    The whole would have been built in much the same principle as St Martin’s Hotel i.e. to give the impression of a row of traditional buildings and would have included a replacement for the Scillonian Club the profits of which would subsidise the running costs of the sports facilities and pool.
    Unfortunately, there was great opposition to this idea but it would certainly have been a boon to the visitors especially during periods of inclement weather.

  2. George Kershaw November 20, 2012 at 6:40 am

    I hope people take advantage of these offers, the sport’s hall is a great facility and it would be sad to see it become unavailable due to financial issues.