Rowvember Event To Be Held Again Next Year

PC Faye Webb, from the police team, still going strong at noon on Saturday

This weekend’s Rowvember 24-hour rowing challenge was such a success that a similar event will take place in 2013, sports hall manager Tess Lloyd has confirmed.

Four teams rowed on machines through the night from 7pm on Friday, to raise money for the Cornwall Air Ambulance.

The winning team of coastguard rowers covered an impressive 337 km during the event. The “Odds and Sods” team was second overall, covering 315 km.

From Radio Scilly

Full coverage of Rowvember from Radio Scilly

A team called ‘Last Minute,’ because they only entered days before the event, achieved 307 km.

Sleep deprivation proved the biggest challenge for the rowers. Shirley Graham likened the feeling to the level of tiredness she had when she was night-feeding her son Corey when he was a baby.

Kylie Carter recently cycled from John O’Groats to Land’s End for charity. She says the rowing event was tougher and pacing was the key, especially overnight, while her partner on that journey, Sarah Twynham said the lack of sleep made the rowing harder and she’d only manage to grab “half an hour here-and-there.”

Meriel Williams only decided to enter on Friday afternoon, hours before the start of the event.  She says she’d do it again as there was a great atmosphere and sense of camaraderie, adding the event was something very special and unique.

The money is still being counted and it will take some time to calculate the total sum raised for the air ambulance as some rowers have set up their own individual online donation pages.

Tess says she’s expecting, “at least a couple of thousand pounds” to be raised.