Pupils Visit Mainland For Citizenship Week

Twenty pupils from year 10 of the Five Islands School will begin a week of learning about the police and legal process today.

The students will visit the mainland for the annual Citizenship Week.

They’ll attend Truro Magistrate’s Court, meet police dog handlers and learn about the work of police divers in the pool in Penzance.

New for this year is a session on the ‘Act Now’ anti-terrorism programme. It encourages students to be aware of terrorist activity, websites and activists when they move to the mainland to further their studies.

PCSO Shirley Graham has helped arrange these weeks for the last five years. She says the event was first organised following an idea by former Sergeant Ashley Putman and it has got bigger every year.

She says the school are very supportive of the programme because it covers the citizenship requirements of their curriculum and the police team value the chance to work closely with the pupils.