Former Navy Man To Be Police Commissioner

Tony Hogg during his recent visit to the islands

A former RNAS Culdrose manager has been elected as Devon & Cornwall’s first police and crime commissioner.

Conservative candidate Tony Hogg served in the navy for 33 years and ran the base between 1998 and 2000.

He was in front of independent candidate Brian Greenslade by around 30,000 in the first round of votes. Mr Hogg secured 35% of the vote after second choices where counted.

Mr Hogg was one of the 10 candidates who did visit Scilly during the campaign. His literature called for clear leadership and a ‘police force’ instead of a ‘service.’

In a statement last night, he said he would work on behalf of the people of Devon & Cornwall, regardless of politics. Mr Hogg said it was a new role, with new challenges.

After his visit to the islands, he told Radio Scilly that he understands how good it is to be relatively insulated from the crimes on the mainland and he was pleased to hear that, what he called the islands’ ‘transient workforce’ is well behaved.

He said he will be doing his utmost to stem the flow of police officers from the force and he will try to maintain the ‘excellent police team’ that he says the islands have.

However, there’s been criticism over the voting process and the length of time it took to declare a winner.

Voters picked their favourite, then a second choice. If a candidate didn’t gain 50% straight away, the two most popular went through and the second choice votes from the eliminated candidates were apportioned.

There were under 200,000 votes from across Scilly, Devon and Cornwall but it took over 13 hours to announce the winner. That happened after 11pm.

Some commentators had expected a result at around 2pm.

The Council press officer, George Pearson, issued a statement claiming a 15.6% turnout here.

The regional average was the lowest in England at 15.1%.


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