First Week For Islands’ New Lollipop Man

Max Niall at his post this week

The islands’ first lollipop man, Max Niall, says he’s enjoyed his first few days on the job.

But he admits he’s not had to face really bad weather yet.

The Council is funding the school crossing patrol as part of a one-year trial, in reaction to parents’ concerns about the safety of their children walking to the new school.

This week, Max has helped children across the road opposite Nowhere in the mornings and afternoons.

He received two-days of training and guidance from a police road safety expert who came over from the mainland. Max said he gave very specific advice on how to make the oncoming cars obey his sign, such as raising one arm at the same time as pushing out of his sign, which is held in the other arm.

Max says all of the motorists have been very cooperative and are obeying the stop sign.

The work fits in nicely around his other job, cleaning the school in the evenings.


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