Library Users Group Make First Tour Of New Building

New library under construction at Porthcressa

The library users group have had their first tour of the new building at Porthcressa.

Five members of the group, representing users and staff, inspected the site and began planning the final layout during their visit last Thursday.

Librarian Kirsty Graham said the building is nearly complete with just final decoration and carpet laying still to take place. It’s hoped they’ll be able to move in early in the New Year.

Kirsty says the group were very impressed with the new library and excited by the changes taking place. These include a new electronic book tracking and catalogue system which means it will be easier to order books and overdue notices will be sent out automatically by email.

It’ll also allow her to see which books are less popular so the stock can be controlled.

The larger footprint of the library, split over two floors, means they’ll be increasing the books stocked by around 500, from the current 5,000 titles.

And Kirsty is keen to see the library act as a venue for community events, such as children’s story-telling sessions, homework clubs and book readings. She says there’ll be a seating area, with desks and sofas, as well as tea and coffee facilities and two internet-connected computers.

Kirsty also sent out a request to users. The library needs to do a stock take of all their books before the move, so they’re having an ‘amnesty.’ Anyone with outstanding books on loan, particularly children’s books, is being asked to bring them back before the end of November.

An opening event for the new library is being planned.


7 Responses to Library Users Group Make First Tour Of New Building

  1. Katie F November 16, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    I hope that nobody will “slag you off” ‘mynamedoesntmatter’, but I would point out that a) this isn’t about tourists having somewhere to eat and browse the internet (sure that many locals will be grateful for it in the winter when the eateries will be closed) and b) it’s important for kids to access books outside of school as well so that they don’t just associate reading with work. One could argue that only a ‘select few’ use Park House, or the gym, or the park in town… that doesn’t mean that they should be written off. Indeed, it might encourage people out of their houses and (possibly an inappropriate zeugma, but…) their underwear and into the real world and a full set of clothes. I would say that it’s only a waste of space if nobody benefits at all. Perhaps Andy or Kerri could look up some stats on library usage? Might be an interesting set of statistics…

  2. MyNameDoesntMatter November 16, 2012 at 10:16 am

    After the “honeymoon” period is over I can guarantee a trickle of a select few will be the only people coming to this library. Books are available at the school for kids to take home and read, digital books and learning sources online are more common ground now and it will only get more popular as time goes by.

    So what if the library has internet access, big woof! Most people on the islands have an internet connection and a fast one at that, where they can sit at home in their underwear if needs be and enjoy the comforts of home and in peace. There are plenty of other places on the islands where tourists can grab a bite to eat and a beverage whilst browsing the net, it’s really nothing to shout about.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t have a library as obviously there are the select few that still like to rent a book, but that’s my point, it’s only a few! To warrant a building this size and in its current location just seems a waste of space.

    Cue slagging off below.

  3. JeffEastick November 15, 2012 at 3:59 pm

    After dropping our cases at Mincarlo , our first point of call is always the Library and looking forward to seeing new venue when we come back next July. Having a local Library is such an advantage to younger children when they are starting to read and all locals should be grateful for having such a resource and not disparage it.

  4. Kev Wright November 15, 2012 at 8:19 am

    I’d also like to add another voice of support to the library! Giving everyone a kindle is pretty soulless and many books, particularly containing photography and other imagery just don’t work as well on a tiny screen. Hence some books being quite bulky affairs (in height and width, not number of pages).

    It was the same with record shops – looking through the racks of a record show was way better than ‘surfing’ through Amazon and you always have the chance of uncovering some rare gems or things you weren’t expecting/looking for that are of great interest. The same goes for books.

  5. pat hicks November 14, 2012 at 9:34 pm

    Well said Katie.
    could not agree more. think the library is a good meeting place etc.
    and i look forward to using it again…

  6. Katie F November 14, 2012 at 8:01 pm

    Bah humbug and total nonsense, Nobby Nobbs. A library is so much more than a source of books and is especially important in a small community. Babies and toddlers learning to read can’t use Kindles, school children still get excited about finding new books, pensioners (the most frequent users) may struggle to use Kindles (arthritis and eyesight issues don’t go well with tablets) and the library is also providing research and internet facilities. More than anything else, a library is another community spot where people can come together… Incredibly important on Scilly at the moment when it seems that people are increasingly retreating to the pseudo-community offered online. I LOVE going to the library, picking up book recommendations and keeping people in jobs.

  7. Nobby Nobbs November 14, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    What a waste of money
    It would be cheaper to buy a every resident a Kindle and give them a £100 Amazon book token and let them download books from the kindle store.
    Not only would this be cheaper but the selection of books would far surpass anything our local library will ever have.

    Cue the Luddites