Work On Porthloo Boat Park To Be Delayed

Porthloo Boat Park

Work to improve the Porthloo boat park is likely to be delayed because not all the required grant funding has been put in place.

Approval for the scheme, which was submitted by the Duchy of Cornwall, was granted in April and includes lengthening and widening the slipway, as well as constructing a road and new hard standing.

The work had strict conditions stating it must be carried out during the period between November and April to avoid the main tourist season.

Harbourmaster Dale Clark says the initial start date of 19th November is unlikely to be met but he believes even with a delay, they should still complete the works in time for the start of the next tourist season.

But Duchy Land Steward, Chris Gregory, yesterday said that there was never a presumption that the works would happen until the funding was in place anyway.

He said, “At the present time, despite the best endeavours of all who are involved, the vital element of grant aid has not yet been offered.”

We understand there have also been issues over water usage at the proposed development. Conditions in the decision notice state that water can’t be supplied from the service bollards on the site between the start of June and the end of September.

Dale says they planned to install pre-pay water meters, which he believes would dissuade people from over-use of the water supply, although the Council’s Technical services department are still considering the impact these will have.

Chris Gregory says the Duchy and the Council are now looking at how water saving controls can best be achieved at Porthloo and confirmed he had not requested the conditions imposed by planning to be removed.