School Undergoing Ofsted Inspection

The Five Islands School

Ofsted is beginning a two-day inspection of the Five Islands School.

Governors and management were given 24 hours notice of the visit, according to governors’ chair Ben Julian. He says that’s standard practise for the most recent inspections.

Ben expects that as chairman, he’ll be asked to meet Ofsted along with the governors who chair committees. He doesn’t think all governors will be invited to talk, unlike last week when the Department for Education investigators came into the school.

Ben feels that there’s no reason to be nervous after the recent exam results. He says the school has been successful in teaching, learning and attainment and described it as a, “great little school.”

He doesn’t want to pre-judge the inspection, but he feels weaknesses could potentially be identified within governance and leadership.

The last full Ofsted report was published in July 2010 and this rated the school as ‘good with outstanding features’. A part-inspection assessed citizenship and community cohesion in July last year and this was graded as outstanding.

We’re told another inspection wouldn’t normally be expected until after Spring 2013.

Ben says he would hope to learn Ofsted’s findings relatively quickly and he understands that a verbal appraisal will be offered before they leave.