Theatre Club Could Go To Off-Islands Next Year

St Mary’s Theatre Club is beginning the process of choosing their summer play earlier than normal.

At last week’s committee meeting, members discussed the popularity of recent productions. There’s a view that shows which have featured in the West End command bigger audiences.

But club member Maggie Perkovic says cost can be a consideration because some famous playwrights attract higher royalties for their work, and added, “a good Noel Coward or Agatha Christie will always pull in the crowds.”

Club chairman, Tom Scott, agrees, saying this year’s production, a relatively unknown play, got mixed feedback from the audience, whereas last year’s Noel Coward production was more popular. He said people tend to relate to plays where they recognise the name of the author.

The club could also start summertime Off-Island plays in 2013. Members used to take their summer productions and sketches on tour and Maggie says this went down very well but required a great deal of cast commitment, especially during the busy tourist season.

Tom says Dave Chodkiewicz thought the club’s radio soap opera, The Islanders, would work well as a touring production.

The club is trying to recruit additional members. Tom says volunteer levels fluctuate and they’d like to find out whether any potential producers have moved into the islands recently. They also need more backstage volunteers.