Free Accommodation Offered To Discharged Hospital Patients

Carol Clarke from LINk4Scilly

Islanders who get discharged from hospital in Truro at the weekend or in the evening will be put up at the hospital for free, if a room is available.

For some time, the islands’ health watchdog, LINk4Scilly, has been pushing for special consideration for island patients. It follows complaints that some locals have been unable to return home because flying hours have finished for the day, meaning a costly overnight stay.

Carol Clark of LINk says rooms set aside for staff and visiting consultants can be arranged through the patient transport office. And the same facility can be used, at a cost of £35 a night, for carers or partners to use while the patient is on the ward.

They’ll also carry a list of local B&Bs if no rooms are available at the hospital.

LINK is now working on producing a small business card featuring details of the patient transport office where patients can call for help arranging accommodation or travel home.

These cards can be given to anyone who is sent out on a medical evacuation so they’ll have the information with them.

Carol says churches on the mainland also arrange free accommodation for islands patients stranded on the mainland. She is meeting with clergymen from both the Anglican and Methodist churches in the next few weeks to get more information on the service, which she can then pass on to patients.

Carol says there is still an issue with locals being unable to get to an appointment that allows them to travel there and back in a single day, but she thinks we’re, “just going to have to live with this” during the winter.