Scilly’s Vet Heike Dorn Marries Long-Term Boyfriend

Islands’ vet Heike Dorn

Islands’ vet Heike Dorn has married her long-term boyfriend, whom she has known for 30 years.

Heike’s love life became a key storyline of the fly-on-the-wall TV series, An Island Parish, which attracted audiences of up to 2 million at the end of the last decade.

At the end of October, Heike and her 11-year-old son Sammy went to visit Al Tom, who is a Native American Indian, in Nevada where he popped the question. The couple were married in the Carson City courthouse a few days later.

The wedding wasn’t planned before Heike left the UK, but the couple have been seeing each other on and off for 8 years.

Al came for his first visit to the islands this summer and during his trip, he told Heike he wanted a decision from her.

From Radio Scilly

Heike talks to Keri Jones about her marriage

Heike says he remarked on the contrast between Scilly and his Nevada home. To him, it seems quiet here because there’s no cinema or McDonald’s. He was also surprised by the lack of wildlife, like deer, wolves and bears on the islands.

Heike says Al has a strong sense of his culture and he will maintain that when he moves to Scilly.

She’s now making arrangements for Al to gain UK residency and, in the meantime, the couple are keeping in touch on the phone, which she says is proving costly.