Five Islands School Wins Science Trophy At London Ceremony

Pupils and teachers from the Five Islands School have won a special award at the 2012 Rolls Royce Science Competition.

The school missed out on the £15,000 first prize, but received the Eden Trophy, which is presented annually to projects that deal with biodiversity and sustainability. The award was established by the St Austell-based Eden Project and is modelled on their distinctive dome roof design.

Teaching assistant, Julian Morel, accepted the award on behalf of the school. Julian organised the projects and submitted the entry for the prize.

In his acceptance speech, he thanked the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, the RSPB and science staff at the school and said it was good to receive an award that was, “linked to the Westcountry.”

The school won the trophy for a series of science projects, which focused on damage to the nearby watermeadow.

In presenting the prize, Sir Tim Smit, Chief Executive of the Eden Project, said it was ironic that the project dealt with a problem that the school had itself created, when building material was dumped onto the watermeadow area.

Wildlife Trust officer, Julie Love, told us the school pupils measured pollution and water oxygen levels, monitored worm populations and created bird feeders. The projects included children of all ages and extended into other lessons such as music and maths.

Acting head teacher, Liz Duffy-Griffiths, said she was delighted that the work of the staff and the students at the school has been recognised at a national level.

She also praised Julian Morel, who identified the project and led the work in school with support from colleagues Laura Beattie, Sarah Finch and Dave Baxter.

“The students thoroughly enjoyed working in such an innovative and practical way,” she said.

Julian will be flying back with the trophy this afternoon and it will be presented to the children at a special assembly.

Pupils were also invited to spend a day visiting the Eden project as part of their prize.


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