No Date For Completion Of Porthmellon Resurfacing

The Council say there’s no set finish date for resurfacing the road on Porthmellon Industrial Estate.

It will depend upon timing works to suit local businesses but will start soon, they say.

It’s almost a year since the Council’s Direct Labour Force won the £123,000 deal to repair the 221m of road. The Council had to fund just £13,000 of that sum, as the cash was sourced from European ERDF funds.

Press officer George Pearson says he doesn’t feel the funding will be jeopardised by the delay.

In March, some Porthmellon business owners, unhappy with the lack of progress and the state of the potholed road, met to discuss their concerns. A complaint letter was sent to the Council. Just a small section of road has been concreted and the quality of the finish has been questioned.

George says the worst patch from Nike Engineering to the end of the estate has already been improved.