Final Curtain For Scillonian Entertainers

It’s the end of the road for a part of Scilly’s history. After 58 years of putting on shows for visitors and locals, the curtain is coming down on the Scillonian Entertainers.

The group, which has regularly put on summertime shows in the Town Hall, has suffered from dwindling numbers. This year’s performance featured a cast of twelve, while back in the 1970s up to thirty members took part and there was greater involvement for youngsters.

Betty Silvester, a cast member since the start, says it’s a sad occasion and visitors are likely to be disappointed when they hear the news. Holidaymakers often arranged their trips to the islands around the performances.

And Betty admits she’s going to miss the regular Tuesday night rehearsals.

But she’s being philosophical about the decision, saying they can’t go on without new members. Youngsters have different interests, she says, and doesn’t begrudge that.

Betty says special shows, like their Silver and Golden Jubilee events were amongst their best but she’s pleased that they were able to ‘go out on a high’ with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee events this year.

The decision to close was taken at their annual meeting last week but the club hope to continue with their party for older residents and the next one will be on February 16th. Betty also hopes that they’ll be able to host their 60th anniversary event in 2015.

£2,400 has been raised from the ticket sales this season and the cash has been shared between twenty good causes, including the Royal British Legion and the St Mary’s Hospital League of Friends.


3 Responses to Final Curtain For Scillonian Entertainers

  1. sue and jerry dix November 12, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    First the helicopter now the wonderful scillonian entertainers what is happening to our magical islands. Thank you all so much for so many years of “scilly entertainment” . Queueing for tickets, eating icecream on porthcressa during the interval, watching familiar local faces giving us such brilliant entertainment. We will really miss the unforgetable experience.

  2. JeffEastick November 7, 2012 at 11:32 am

    Sorry to hear of the closure of the Scillonian Entertainers. We have been regular visitors for many years and always enjoyed their shows and always felt visitors should give their support to a group of locals willing to give their time for our entertainment but fully understand reasons behind this decision.
    Best wishes to all involved in these productions.

  3. John Hicks November 7, 2012 at 11:08 am

    I’m very sorry to hear this bit of sad news. It was the entertainers, back in the late 50’s and early 60’s, especially Jim and Vic who gave me the taste for Am Dram and my love of the music hall. I remember, particularly well, them doing ‘There’s a hole in my Bucket’ on the back of a lorry in the carnival, and it was those two I always thought of every time I produced an ‘Old Time Music Hall show’ here on the mainland. So a million thanks to the entertainers past and present for the enjoyment you have given to many 10’s of thousands over the years.

    John Hicks