Police Commissioner Candidate Visits Scilly

PCC candidate John Smith

The latest in a line of candidates canvassing for your support for the police crime commissioner role has been touring St Mary’s.

John Smith is another independent candidate. He wants to be elected so he can decide how police budgets are spent and hold the Chief Constable and force to account.

John has served as both chair and vice chair of the Devon and Cornwall Police Authority and travelled to the islands during the eight years he held those positions.

National media has reported apathy from the public over the election on 15th November.

John says that appeared to be the case in the southwest but over the last few days, people seem to want to know more about it and the people standing. He feels a lack of information is the problem.

The Government want to trim the local force budget by 20%, or £50 million, and that would reduce the number of officers. John says he backed the increased number of police on St Mary’s from two-and-a-half positions to the current three and a PCSO. He believes it will be hard to reduce the numbers of positions here any further because of the need to operate a rota system.

John says his walkabout in Hugh Town confirmed that most islanders are happy with policing here.

On one of John’s previous visits, there were local concerns voiced over late night noise although he says nobody raised that issue yesterday.