New Health And Social Care Hub Up And Running

St Mary’s hospital

The new Health and Social Care Hub is up and running at St Mary’s hospital.

The hub is designed to bring together NHS and local authority services, like adult social care, under a single roof and is part of the Government’s wider health care reforms.

Aisling Hick told members of Thursday’s Community Services committee that the building work is now complete and the staff have moved into their new accommodation.

However, they still have a ‘big headache’ with the landline phone system not working. That work needs to be completed by the NHS, said Aisling, “and they’re a bit slower than us.”

Director, Penny Penn-Howard, said successive Governments had tried to integrate services in this way but had never quite managed it. But she said it was very difficult because of the ‘organisational barriers’ in local government and the NHS.

Aisling says the new arrangement is working well, with a multidisciplinary team from the Council, NHS and Health Centre meeting on a weekly basis to discuss individual cases.

They’re also focussing on improving provision for dementia sufferers, preventing falls and getting people up-and-mobile again after an accident or illness.


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