St Martin’s Is Ideal Venue, Says Local Musician

Warren Neil

A St Martin’s musician is showing how the internet can reduce the remoteness of our island community.

But Warren Neil is using technology to rehearse with his friends in Switzerland, London and Birmingham in the band Soixante Neuf. The group formed 10 years ago and has toured Europe extensively.

Warren’s group launch their new single, ‘New York CIty,’ this week, and he’s hoping the band will perform live on the island next year.

Warren says St Martin’s has potential as a venue for small singer-songwriter type gigs and he hope to put it on the musical performance map next year by arranging a number of sessions in intimate venues like the hotel like St Martin’s Hotel and even the church.

His plans for 2013 include bringing over a band that had chart success in the 1990s and with whom he’s worked. That gig will also serve as a fundraiser for the Cornwall Air Ambulance before Warren and a group of islanders climb Kilimanjaro next autumn.