Porthcressa Contractor Highlights Work Of Local Tradespeople

Kier Construction say they’ve worked hard to get local builders and tradespeople involved in the £4.5 million Porthcressa regeneration project.

There’s been some criticism of the company from islanders complaining about few work opportunities for locals. But the Council’s strategic investment manager, Diana Mompoloki, says that’s not really fair.

Islanders are currently being used for bricklaying, electrical work, plumbing, landscaping and decorating, says Diana. And local companies like Scillonian Building Supplies, Pernic Forge, Nike Engineering and Richard Hand Haulage are also greatly involved.

Kier asked local workers to attend an open-day and submit forms if they were interested in the work, although not all attendees replied. And Diana says some islands’ businesses have priced themselves out of work by charging higher rates than their mainland equivalents.

Site manager Andy Shepherd says Kier would normally hire contractors to look after an entire area of the build, but there was no interest in some fields of work.

The company requires all contractors to hold Construction Skills Certificate accreditation. That shows they understand the correct health and safety procedures. Again, not everyone wanted to sit the test, but the company has paid for Island Decorators to take the exam on the mainland and they are now working on-site.

Andy says he’s pleased they’ve found a way to use local skills and is impressed with the quality of the local tradespeople.


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