Helicopter Withdrawal Creates Uncertainty For Air Ambulance

Cornwall Air Ambulance

The Cornwall Air Ambulance chief executive says it’s hard to know how the closure of the helicopter service yesterday will affect the charity’s operations.

This year they have responded to 64 calls on the islands, attending an average of 3 missions per week in the summer months.

The response time is under 28 minutes and the callouts include urgent medical transfers to the mainland for essential cancer or dialysis treatments.

Some of these flights are classified as ‘inter-hospital transfers’, and are paid for by the Department for Health.

Chief executive Paula Martin says: “It is difficult to predict the impact of the closure of the BIH service on the demand for the air ambulance from the islands.

The Air Ambulance will work closely with the ambulance service and hospital authorities to ensure that they provide a service to those patients who need emergency and urgent transfer to the Royal Cornwall Hospital or beyond, in order to receive essential and lifesaving treatment.”


One Response to Helicopter Withdrawal Creates Uncertainty For Air Ambulance

  1. Dave November 1, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    It is beyond all reasonability that greedy shareholders can turn their back on a community that has served them so well in lining their pockets over the years.
    Hope we as islanders see the landing fees we are still owed in a community that is on the verge of going bankrupt.
    The way BIH treated islanders in the final days of its operations can only be described as disgusting wording it politely with a total withdraw at one stage of any form of service.
    Employees of this 50 year old service have personally informed me the route is still viable and my full support goes out to them and their families.
    Greedy shareholders looking to cash up now the days of creaming the tourist trade are over without a care in the world for those who lined their pockets.