Tourism Partnership Seeking New Marketing Agency

The Islands’ Tourism and Business Partnership are looking to appoint a new marketing agency to promote Scilly.

Interim board member, Alasdair Moore, says the agency will be looking after marketing and PR on the mainland.

They’ll be expected to work closely with the Partnership in developing campaigns to attract new visitors as well as motivating existing visitors to keep coming.

The Partnership want to halt the decline in visitor numbers in 2013 and see further growth in 2014 and beyond.

Successful candidates will be invited to present detailed proposals to a panel on 8th November with the appointment being made later that month. They’ll launch their new marketing campaign for the islands by the 1st January 2013.


One Response to Tourism Partnership Seeking New Marketing Agency

  1. Rob Ives November 1, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    I am sorry but the tourism industry on Scilly has brought decline upon themselves. All accommodation is stupidly priced with way above inflation price increases being introduced year upon year.

    As a visitor, you can sense the feel of “entitlement” among the traders who feel they can treat the emits with contempt while over charging. I am one of a group of holidaymakers who have loved visiting Scilly year after year but have noticed that we are increasingly being fleeced with contempt and we have had enough. along with many of our friends.

    Tresco has been ruined by greed with overdevelopment of hideous buidings while the estate workers roar around the paths in fast vehicles running you off the road.

    The acommodation on St. Marys’ is either dire or taking the mick on price. Last August the Tregarthens was only half full when we were there but they have just raised prices by 20% for 2013 so obviously have learned nothing. All of the restaurants are mom and pops places that are totally amarturish. with one exception.
    Even the chip van man treats customers like rubbish.

    The monopoly known as the Boatmans association has been having a laugh on pricing for years.

    Scilly, you deserve all you have got. Lower prices, up your game and treat customers with more respect or you will be swept away by a new generation who will see a gap in the market, take over and do a better job and you lot will be left on a pretty miserable pension.