Morley’s Booking Office Remaining Open To Help Visitors

An islands’ man is determined to help helicopter passengers who may be unaware that the service is ending today.

John Morley, who runs the BIH bookings office within Seasalt on Garrison Lane, has said he intends to keep the desk open for a few weeks to help people who ring up with travel enquiries.

John, whose father started the booking service 48 years ago when the rotary service was one year old, will be manning the office for a couple of hours each morning. He says many visitors are unware of the news and they’ve still been getting enquiries for travel next year.

John says he wants to help guide those people in the right direction, adding it’s a small way he can pay people back for their custom and loyalty over the years.

He’s hopeful that another operator could still emerge once BIH pull out, but he says if that doesn’t happen in the next few weeks, he’ll just have to accept it, “pull the plug” and walk away.


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