Website Set Up To Support Islands’ Reindeer

Reindeer Belle, with calf Tula before the accident

A photographer who holidays on St Mary’s has set up a Facebook page to raise money to support the reindeer on St Mary’s.

Chris Skone-Roberts brought the plight of reindeer calf Tula to the attention of around 5 million potential Daily Mail newspaper and website readers yesterday.

He tipped off the paper about the calf requiring veterinary assistance and recuperation on the mainland after her mother Belle was startled by a dog roaming around their enclosure, near The Garrison.

There was a mix-up when the paper incorrectly credited the images.

Chris says he wanted to get some good publicity for Scilly and he’s arranging for online donation through Virgin Money to support the reindeer’s vet bills and food costs.

Owner Stella Wyburne-Risdale says the cost of a bale of hay can be more than double what mainland residents would pay because of carriage.

Chris intends to make the website festive and attractive to children.

Stella says she’ll be walking the reindeer around town in the run-up to December 25th but she can’t guarantee specific Christmas appearances as the reindeer are rutting and can be unpredictable.

The new Facebook site is available here.