Old Town War Memorial Could Be Moved To Hugh Town

Respects are paid at the Garden of Remembrance

The war memorial sited at Old Town Church could be moved to Hugh Town to make it more accessible to islanders and visitors.

That was the idea suggested by Council chairman Mike Hicks during yesterday’s opening of the Garden of Remembrance in The Park.

Mike says the temporary memorial, inspired by local British Legion representative, Smudge Smith, provides a place for people to reflect and lay a tribute to those who have been lost in former wars. The dedications will then be transferred to the war memorial before Remembrance Sunday on 11th November.

But Mike thinks the current memorial is fairly inaccessible, being “out of site and out of mind most of the time.” He says there should be a more prominent reminder of islanders who have lost their lives in conflicts.

Ideas could include moving the existing memorial, building a new one, or placing a plaque on the newly-refurbished shelter on the Strand.

Mr Hicks says they’ll need to consult widely on any proposals and look at potential source of funding before any plans are finalised.

Yesterday’s service and prayer commemorating fallen servicemen and women was conducted by Reverend Charlie Gibbs and attended by a small group of locals and visitors.

One Response to Old Town War Memorial Could Be Moved To Hugh Town

  1. Bill Hiner October 30, 2012 at 10:50 pm

    I cannot agree with the idea of moving the existing War Memorial. I love its current site at Old Town Church- it is perfect for quiet contemplation and an ideal setting to be able to pay tribute in the time-honoured way-in silence.
    If the memorial was to be sited in the park it would be a disaster. In my experience, War Memorials soon become unofficial seating areas for drinking and take-away eating. The noise of traffic would make quiet contemplation impossible (its not all about two minutes every November).
    I fully agree that a plaque somewhere to allow folk with mobility problems would be a good idea, but this should not substitute or replace the Memorial as is.
    Mike Hicks states that the current site is “Fairly inaccesible” and “Being out of sight and mind”. No it isn’t. It just takes EFFORT to go and pay silent tribute to all the men and women who have given their lives in conflict. The very least we can all do is take a walk to Old Town Church and spend some time thinking of them and their sacrifice.
    Paying tribute is not all about convenience! If the fallen could speak, I bet they would be grateful that we MADE THE EFFORT.