Success For Theatre Club In Drama Awards

Dave Chodkiewicz in Murder in Company

A member of the St Mary’s Theatre Club has been voted the Best Actor in the region by adjudicators for the Cornwall Drama Awards.

Dave Chodkiewicz heard that he had won a trophy for his portrayal of Ronnie in the club’s summer performance, ‘Murder in Company’ through a telephone call over the weekend.

Dave has been acting for 12 years since his time at school, and he says he has never been nominated for any awards before. He described the accolade as ‘absolutely awesome.’

Dave says he hopes to repeat the success as a baddie, this time as a vampire, in the upcoming pantomime. He says wants to keep playing a variety of roles but doesn’t want to be always typecast as nasty characters.

Theatre Club chairman Tom Scott is delighted at Dave’s success.

Tom says Dave deserved the recognition he’s received from the awards committee for his performance.

Murder in Company also won second place in the Best Play category, which Tom says was a great achievement considering there were a total of 36 plays judged this year. And he says it emphasises how successful the club is year-on-year.

Director and producer Kevin Leeman attended the awards in Newquay and received the awards on behalf of the club.


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