Scilly’s Wildlife Trust Opens New Information Centre

The Wildlife Trust officially opened its new information centre on St Mary’s quay on Saturday afternoon.

Trustees Richard Farr, Ken Christopher and Ann Horton cut the ribbon across the doorway into the centre from the waiting room, which has been widened to make the space more accessible and welcoming.

The unmanned facility is designed to give visitors an overview of the range of wildlife, flora and fauna found on the islands, as well as offering a showcase for the Trust and its activities and encouraging support and membership.

Panel boards on the walls offer information and images on Scilly’s wildlife.

Jaclyn Pearson from the Trust says it was hard deciding what to place on the interpretation panels, as there is so much wildlife here.

But in the end, the islands’ heathland was chosen. Jaclyn says these are extremely precious and rarer than the rainforests, supporting a range of species including lichens and ferns.

And one board highlights the ‘hidden gems’ of Scilly, such as the rare dwarf pansy, one of the world’s rarest ant and the Scilly shrew.

Jaclyn says once people realise just how many rare and fragile species we have here, and how the Trust is conserving these, they’ll be happy to support their future work.