Scillonian Soldier Receives Afghanistan Tour Medal

As the islands prepare for remembrance Sunday, the mother of a Scillonian soldier says she’s proud that her son has been serving in the forces.

For the last four years, Lindsay Sawyer’s 26-year-old son James Birch has been part of the Royal Artillery 5th Regiment.

Lindsay and partner Brian visited Catterick in North Yorkshire earlier this month to see James presented with his Afghanistan tour medal.

He was posted to Geresch for seven months where he worked on intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance. The final three months involved being based at Camp Bastion, from where he was air lifted into remote outposts to bring back kit.

Lindsay says these men and women go off to do difficult jobs, in truly terrible conditions, and they see some awful things whilst doing so. She said when you see them parade it also makes you reflect on the ones that weren’t fortunate enough to come home, and the ones that were injured in the course of duty.