Local Man Welcomes Plans For Co-op Meeting

A man who has campaigned for better islander consultation over the St Mary’s Co-operative store says he’s pleased the supermarket is arranging a meeting with customers in December.

The Co-op says island shoppers will be able to meet representatives from the food business and from the local area committee.

Alan Davis recently stood for election as the islands’ member but was unsuccessful. He wants a dedicated member on that panel because of the store’s commercial dominance here and unique supply issues.

Scilly instead shares a member with the mainland and Co-op manager, Paul Westaway, from Penzance recently won the seat.

The Coop say they have listened to feedback after an invitation-only consultation in April.

And they also announced the completion of the first phase of improvements following those talks, which regional manager, Phil Richards, says were ‘insightful.’

The organisation has invested £100,000 in renovating the store area with a new roof, windows, insulating walls and additional refrigeration.

After complaints about low stocks, staff have also been trained on a new ordering system  allowing more flexibility to cater for seasonal demand.

They’ve brought in overnight shelf filling and reviewed the store plan to allow better accessibility.

Not everyone is happy though.

Mary Leathers has complained to Coop headquarters that a range of regular items, including frozen carrots, macaroni and large tins of pineapple are no longer available.

The chain replied saying they have discontinued some lines because of space constraints and Mary does says the updated store layout is an improvement.


4 Responses to Local Man Welcomes Plans For Co-op Meeting

  1. Fred Colon October 27, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    Lynn, you’ve obviously haven’t been in Sainsburys in Truro for a while, now that’s a supermarket, well stocked shelf’s, loads of space between the aisles, helpful staff and so much choice at very reasonable prices, in fact everything the co-op isn’t.

    Although I will say that the staff are friendly and helpful in the co-op to, especially Alan.

  2. lynn October 27, 2012 at 6:08 pm

    For heavens sake, been in co-op today found everything I needed, the pleasant staff even looked for an item I wanted to stock up with even though busy doing a good job stocking the shelves.
    I really do get the impression that whatever is done within the store is never going to be enough to please all and sundry.
    The Co-op is the store we have, get organised, have a reasonable store cupboard, allow yourself a bit more time to shop, the queues to pay are less than any I have seen in supermarkets on the mainland so you will survive.

  3. Roger P October 27, 2012 at 4:37 pm

    If they decrease the office storage area and increase the size of the store it would become a supermarket instead of a convenience store. They would then
    have to lower the prices. Don’t think that will happen.

  4. Nobby Nobbs October 27, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    Having been in the co-op this morning, it would appear that the re-org is nothing more than extending the two middle aisles down through the area where we currently queue.
    What really needs sorting out are the checkouts, they block the entry/exit points and get in the way of people trying to get from one part of the store to the other.

    They should remove the section of store that is closed off behind the freezers and the crisps and then put all the checkouts where the alcohol is and introduce a one way system.
    A bit more space between the aisles wouldn’t go amiss either.
    In fact the shop floor is less than half the space in that store, most of the space is out the back and upstairs.

    Perhaps the co-op could move to where the wholesalers used to be, oh but hold on the council own that and want it for more office space.
    What about the new unit on the industrial estate.

    The islands definitely needs a larger, better thought out, better stocked store, may be even out of town, somewhere like the boat yard.

    All I know is that I hate shopping in the co-op