New Challenge For Mongol Rally Men

Three men who completed the Mongol rally in 2010 to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust are taking on a new adventure challenge for charity.

James Druce, Will Ash and Nick Mackey were all Tresco residents when they drove from Sussex to Mongolia in a Citroen.

Now they’ll embark on a 3,500 km trip across Northern India in rickshaws from the 8th to the 23rd September next year.

They’ll be joined by more islanders, including Jake Newton, Pete Marshall, Simon Whitehead and James O Connor.

There will be three men in each of the 3-wheeled vehicles, powered by a 7 hp engine.

James says the original event was the most challenging and rewarding thing he has ever done. But he feels that it’s his final adventure before life becomes too busy, as he’s now studying at medical school.

With the infamously bad driving in Indian, the event organisers are warning that it will be quite a challenge.

James will be videoing the trip and taking detailed notes. He says he’s been pleased with the reviews of the book he wrote following his Mongol Rally tour across Europe and Asia and he hopes to publish his experiences of this new challenge.

This time the friends will raise cash for a water charity that operates in India. They are looking for sponsors through their Scilly Mission website.