New Wave Monitoring Buoy To Be Installed

A wave-monitoring buoy off St Mary’s that was washed away in a storm two years ago is to be replaced.

The £90,000 cost of installing the equipment will be provided by the Environment Agency.

The previous buoy was part of a network around the UK coastline operated by the Plymouth Coastal Observatory, which provides detailed information on wave conditions.

This data can help warn of extreme weather and the risk of flooding.

The new system will be placed to the south east of Porthcressa, off the coast of St Agnes. This direction has posed the greatest threat to local infrastructure in the past.

Chief Technical Officer, Neville Gardner, said it was “good news” that the buoy was being replaced.

He joked that getting your area’s buoy “torn out and washed ashore” ensures that the Environment Agency appreciate the severity of the waves around your coast and they’d be more likely to help fund sea defences in the future.