Police Commissioner Info Session Being Organised

Islanders will get a chance to hear more about the upcoming Police Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections for our region at an information session being held next Friday.

Representatives from the Council, Devon and Cornwall Police, the Community Safety Partnership and the Police Authority will be here to answer questions and provide information to the public.

The 41 elected commissioners will set the budget for their local force and decide what its priorities and strategy should be. They’ll have the power to hire and fire chief constables and will also be in charge of support services for victims.

However, many people seem to be unaware of the elections and the Electoral Reform Society has warned that it could result in the lowest turnout in British history.

The Council has told us each island will have a polling station at the following locations: the Town Hall on St Mary’s, Tresco Community Centre, St Martin’s Reading Room, St Agnes Reading Room and Bryher Community Centre.

A list of the candidates will be published at noon on Tuesday, 23rd October with the election taking place on November 15th.

The Information session is being held in the Old Wesleyan Chapel and will run from 10am to 3pm on 12th October.

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