Home Grown Panto For Theatre Club This Season

Pantomime season was top of the agenda at the St Mary’s Theatre Club half-yearly meeting on Wednesday evening.

Their next show will be a panto based on a script by Steve Sims, which Kevin Leeman will be producing.

Club chairman Tom Scott says it’s based around the story of a dancing fiddler and has plenty of traditional panto “he’s behind you” moments to keep everyone happy. Tom says it’s great to have a home grown script this year with loads of local references.

Auditions will be taking place on 17th and 18th October and there are lots of parts available, with 16 adult roles and plenty for children.

One uncertainty next year is the timing of possible refurbishment work to the Town Hall theatre. Tom said that will affect the timing of their productions next year and the club has formed a working party with other users to ensure there’s as little disruption as possible. He said the Council are keen to work around the planned show dates if they can.

They’ll also be supporting the One Act Play Festival again next year, which will take place over a single week in May, using a similar format to this year’s festival.

One change will be the awarding of a trophy to the winner instead of a £100 prize. Tom says this will be named in honour of popular Theatre Club treasurer, Shirley Smith, who died suddenly earlier this year.

And Shirley’s favourite charities, The Royal British Legion and Macmillan Cancer, will each receive £250, raised from donations for programmes this year.

The club recently announced that they’ve had four nominations at this year’s Cornwall Drama Awards and Kevin Leeman will be travelling to the ceremony in Newquay at the end of the month.

Tom was tight lipped about their chances but said, “let’s hope he has to pay excess on his luggage.”


One Response to Home Grown Panto For Theatre Club This Season

  1. Steve Sims October 6, 2012 at 11:55 am

    A little clarification may be in order; Tom seems to have skimmed the script very quickly. And anyone turning up on the basis of a dancing fiddle player will be sorely disappointed.
    There is a fiddle player, but s/he doesn’t dance and s/he certainly isn’t the main antagonist, who is a vampyre called Count Black Pudding. The fiddle player however is crucial in that s/he provides the super weapon to dispose of the other wise invincible vampyre. Black Pudding is a very complex character, a buffoonish Nosferatu who despite his army of zombies, the giant blood sucking bats, the packs of wolves, the relentless kidnapping of maidens to say nothing of the blood sucking wants to be loved. To bolster his PR he owns a pet shop and runs a donkey sanctuary and is bemused that everyone still hates him.

    There is a possible sequel but this rather depends on identical twins with a theatrical bent turning up before November next year.

    The King’s flatulence also has an important role.