St Mary’s Women Ready For Cycle Challenge

Two St Mary’s women have set off for Scotland to begin a 1000-mile cycle challenge.

Sarah Twynham and Kylie Carter aim to ride from John O’Groats to Land’s End over 16 days.

They’ll set off from the top of Scotland in the morning and hope to raise money for the St Mary’s Hospital League of Friends, as well as Cancer Research UK.

Kylie says she’s not ridden very far previously. She says the furthest is from the farm to work on her “Miss Marple-style” bike!

The idea was developed after the women hired bikes while on holiday in Mallorca. Kylie said at the end of the five-mile bike ride on the flat, the famous tour along the length of Britain “seemed like a good idea.”

The women will be traveling light and have been practicing by filling their panniers with water and cycling around St Mary’s.

Kylie says they’ve had to take only the essentials, although she admitted it took two days to persuade Sarah to take out her hair dryer.

The women have been appealing for accommodation along the route and have had plenty of offers. Sarah says they’ve found 12 nights out of their 16 day trip and they’re just struggling to find somewhere in the far north of Scotland.

The women say they have been inspired by John Williams and Wayne Davey, who are currently cycling 3,100 miles across the USA, although they admit that if they were going as fast as them, “we’d do it in 3 days.”