New Deputy Chief Constable Visits Scilly

The Deputy Chief Constable of Devon and Cornwall has made his first visit to the islands yesterday.

David Zinzan joined from the Metropolitan police in the spring and says many of his colleagues in the capital are “insanely jealous” that he has moved from ‘policing concrete’ in South East London.

He’s a fan of the style of policing employed here, where staff know most locals. David thinks this close contact with the community prevents many problems developing and the use of restorative justice is a more common-sense option.

He says the two or three year posting that police officers get here is right. It’s long enough for continuity and to get to know the community, but also gives officers a chance to develop their careers on the mainland.

In London, he has seen officers and public officials hold positions for much longer and abuse their roles.

From Radio Scilly

Dept Chief Constable David Zinzan talks about his visit to Scilly

David says Devon and Cornwall has always been an area with a low crime level and high crime detection rate, but recently it’s slipped to the 11th best on the list and he wants to reverse that.

DCC Zinzan says he’s been amazed by the number of people who have come up to him and said hello during his visit, which he thinks sums up the spirit of the islands.


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