St Martin’s Business Seeking More Flexible Licence

The owners of St Martin’s fish and chip shop want more flexibility with their alcohol licence.

Fiona Morton has written to the Council’s licensing committee, pointing out that there will be no drinking establishment open during the winter on the island.

The Seven Stones Inn closed in July this year.

Mrs Morton says by allowing a full licence, her business can provide an occasional solution to that problem, but it’s not a financially driven matter.

There’s no plan to alter the closing times later than the current 10:30pm closing and 9.30pm on Sunday, but the Mortons want to sell alcohol from midday to allow for lunchtime opening and short notice openings out of season.

At the moment only people having a substantial meal can buy alcohol, so they’d like that condition removed to allow takeaway customers to have a drink while they wait. They’d also want a licence change so diners can take unfinished bottles off the premises.

Mrs Morton says they don’t wish to operate a bar or encourage people to buy takeaway drinks.

When the cafe was going through the planning process. there were objections, but Fiona points out that they have had no problems or disturbances reported in spite of local predictions.