Scilly’s Quay Project Looks Set For Green Light

St Mary’s Quay

The St Mary’s quay project looks likely to proceed after the minister in charge has given the green light for a formal bid for £8m of Government and European funding.

The Scilly and Penzance proposals had been linked together as one scheme by the Liberal Democrat minster Norman Baker. There were fears that if Penzance missed funding deadlines, Scilly would loose out.

But the minister has approved the principle of our quay works along with deep dredging at Penzance.

Scilly’s Member of Parliament, Andrew George, says he hopes the mainland side of the scheme can be developed further but for our side of the water, it’s definitely “a win.”

He says all the permissions are in place and he’s keen that work now gets going.

Andrew said it’s a good scheme and will revitalise the harbour in St Mary’s although he’s disappointed there isn’t something “more substantial” planned for Penzance.

He doesn’t think it’s too late for their project and hopes Cornwall Council will support Penzance’s proposals in the future rather than turning down the money that’s on the table.

Andrew says the fact that everyone has worked so hard following the disappointment of the Route Partnership scheme is “a great credit to all those involved.”

The final sign-off will be subject to a formal business plan for the works being submitted.