National Media Exposure For Scilly’s Scottish Islands Bid

A key member of FRIST, the Friends of Isles of Scilly Transport, says she’s delighted at the publicity her visit to Scotland has brought for the campaign for a year-round lifeline transport service.

Marian Bennett visited a conference in the Scottish Islands last week.

National and Scottish media have widely reported FRIST’s interest in joining the Scottish Islands Federation, to share knowledge about subsidies for transport services.

Marian says the exposure helps the FRIST cause, adding, “you can bet your bottom dollar that the Department for Transport read the Times.”

She said it’s important to keep our transport problems at the forefront of the minds of UK and EU politicians. She said every small island in Europe seems to have a subsidised service and the lack of one for Scilly is “grossly unjust.”

Marian says she suggested “in a light-hearted way” to Scottish MEP, Alan Smith, that the country might want to “adopt” Scilly and she said he took it seriously, hence FRIST’s appeal to join the federation.


One Response to National Media Exposure For Scilly’s Scottish Islands Bid

  1. Chris & June Jones October 2, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    Well done,Marian -an excellent idea -if the English Government wont help us to get realistic fares,perhaps the Scottish Government will -We are a part of England,paying the same taxes,not wealthy Channel Isles opt outs that the English Government seems to think we are -2000 residents have no chance of being self financing with anything,whether it is the airport,health care or essential life line transport -it is long overdue that the EU and the English Government recognised these facts of life for residents on small islands and stopped pretending otherwise.