Former Head Teacher Taking Legal Action

Bryce Wilby

The former head teacher of the Five Islands School has confirmed that he is taking legal action against the Council for unfair dismissal. Bryce Wilby alleges the Council has breached his contract.

At Thursday’s Full Council meeting, director of financial Peter Lawrence-Roberts stated that Mr Wilby left the authority’s employment at the end of August.

However, earlier in the month, in a closed-door meeting, education director Penny Penn-Howard told members that Mr Wilby had offered to leave at the end of August but the Council could not accept terms for shortening his notice.

Bryce confirmed this, saying he did make an offer to shorten his notice period, but claims the Council wrote back and rejected it, as they didn’t agree his terms.

He says he’s still employed until New Year’s Eve and, as the Council didn’t pay his salary last week, he can start the legal action.

Bryce rejects suggestions that he should let things lie and just move on, saying he tried to draw a line under the matter but the Council wouldn’t agree to that.

He says, “They’ve persisted in hounding me and making it difficult.”

We’re awaiting a response from the Council

The Department for Education also confirmed on Friday that it is conducting an investigation into the situation at the Five Islands School.

They say they are not able to comment in detail at this stage but a spokeswoman confirmed that the school remains under the control of the governing body. They haven’t explained whether their findings will be made public or given information on the timeline for the investigation.


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