Emotions High In Council School Debate

Magistrate’s Court at The Old Wesleyan Chapel

Emotions were running high during a debate on the report by Cornwall Council auditors into the former school head’s suspension, even though the report has been delayed until the end of October.

Chairman Mike Hicks said that he was pleased the enquiry had been reopened and that investigators would talk with Bryce Wilby. He said that was always his intention.

Cllr Gordon Bilsborough went further by adding that, “even a criminal had a right to be heard.”

Gordon spoke of the frustration of Councillors who had not been given information about the events at the school. He felt the process, which began in May, had gone on for too long.

Gordon wanted a firm publication date for the auditor’s report and Cllr Hicks said he would ensure it was made public, as there was “so much disquiet” within the community. It was the only way to “clear that up,” he said.

Cllr Bilsborough’s remark that the auditors’ work was, “not perhaps being carried out as it should have been done” and an allegation that it was protecting officers, prompted Cllr David Pearson to leap to his feet and talk over Gordon’s speech.

David said the Council had to put children first and members, ” have to grow up and be adult.”

Director of finance, Peter Lawrence-Roberts, had earlier saluted staff who had, “worked hard and had shown a level of commitment.” He also highlighted the pupils’ exam and test results, which were good.

Council chief executive Philip Hygate confirmed that the Council would continue to support the school.

The Diocese is appointing a foundation governor, Reverend Simon Cade of Redruth.

Cllr Mollie Peacock questioned whether a mainland appointee would have the local knowledge needed but Cllr Brian Lowen explained that he was temporarily filling-in while the new chaplain, the Reverend Canon Paul Miller, settles in.

Brian said Reverend Cade came highly recommended and was knowledgeable on education matters.


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