More Questions On Scilly’s Transport To Be Asked In Lords

More questions about providing year-round lifeline transport services to Scilly will be asked in the House of Lords next month.

On the 24th of October, Lord Berkeley, a member of FRIST, the Friends of Isles of Scilly Transport’s advisory board, will ask the government what provision there is for winter lifeline services for this year and future years.

He’ll also ask about the number of days that Skybus faced weather disruption. Those figures will be sought using a freedom of information request

Frist steering group member, Marian Bennett, says she appreciates all that the Steamship Company does, but planes are more susceptible to adverse weather conditions than helicopters and the government needs to be aware of how disadvantaged we could be this winter.

The group’s main goal is to get fares reduced so locals pay the same amount as Scottish islanders.

FRIST also want the back-up of a subsidised year-round boat and they want to push for the government to lease a helicopter or boat this winter.

Marian has just returned from Scotland where she attended a small-islands conference on Mull and was given advice on who to talk with within the European Union. She also met with representatives from Transport Scotland in Glasgow.

Marian says the advice and guidance she has been offered by Transport Scotland was invaluable and FRIST now has some good contacts to follow with both Brussels and the  British Government.

Commentators on the Scottish route subsidies claim that their government favours their remote areas, but Marian says it’s something that’s happened there for years, well before their devolved executive, and that gives her hope Scilly could be treated in the same way.

And she says many people were surprised that Scilly doesn’t already have a subsidised link.


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