Tourism Partnership Runs Branding Sessions

Tourist Information Centre in Hugh Town

The Tourism Partnership has brought over an expert to consult with islanders on how it should present itself to locally.

The public and private sector partnership is now responsible for the promotion of Scilly, having taken on the remit of Island Marketing and Island Tourism.

Over the last week, they’ve invited islanders to help them define their identity. They want to create a logo that sums up Scilly and which they hope will be an emblem that unites tourism interests.

The partnership has brought over artist Reseigh Fooks for workshops where attendees describe each islands’ ‘personalities and values.’ Locals were asked to bring something that represents their view of Scilly. On St Martins, cowrie shells were a popular choice amongst attendees.

The LAG has provided grant funding for the exercise, which has included participants on the off-islands and included a session for St Mary’s at the Country Guesthouse last night.

The workshops compliment the Blue Sail consultants’ recommendations over the future of tourism, which led to the creation of the partnership in the first place.


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