LAG Fund Reaches Final Stages Of Allocation

St Martin’s

The Local Action Group’s allocation of cash for community groups and businesses is almost all committed.

Councillors have heard that the LAG hopes to have ring-fenced or awarded 90% of its £2.25m fund by the middle of next month.

Since October 2009 a panel of locals have assessed funding applications and have awarded grants.

EU rules changed during July to allow agricultural schemes to apply for grants and £166,582 has been set aside to support that sector.

Of the 59 projects in receipt of funds, 38 are now complete but some may not go ahead or not spend all of their allocated cash. Diana Mompoloki says that means it’s still worth applying, although applicants will now need a clear plan and timeline for developing their project.

Diana thinks there will be a funding scheme like LAG in the future and, unlike this more general fund, it may be tightly focussed towards tourism.

However, there could be a gap between the end of LAG in 2013 and the new scheme.