IFCA Supports The Placing Of More Dolphin Detectors

A Risso’s Dolphin

Members of the islands’ sea fisheries and conservation group, the IFCA, have been asked for their views on the placing of more dolphin and porpoise detection arrays.

They resemble buoys and the C-pods, as they are known, are used to listen for sounds or noises from the mammals so that scientists from the University of Exeter can monitor their movements.

Last autumn three were placed around Scilly, but only one, to the East of the Eastern Isles, is still there.

Two arrays in the Norrard Rocks and south west of Annet were picked up by local fishermen when they interfered with their gear.

Dr Matthew Witt has carried out the research. He says that the recording of the mammals’ movements here mirror those found around the Cornish coast, with many more porpoises than dolphins.

Steve Watt, IFCA officer, says no objections were voiced to the plan in the meeting so Dr Witt can now discuss specifics with interested locals.