Future EU Funding Likely But Details Unclear

Scilly is likely to receive more grant money from European sources in the future.

But the Council feels that funding may be managed nationally and be more aligned with central government policy.

That could present difficulties for Scilly as some of the agencies who have been put in charge of the European Social Fund cannot, or won’t, deliver on the islands.

Lifelong Learning has encountered problems with national bodies who won’t come over, because their England-wide remit hasn’t included the cost and difficulty in travel here.

The islands and Cornwall have been categorised as a ‘Less Developed Region’ for the next round of European funding Programmes. This means, along with the Welsh Valleys, we’ll be the only less-developed region in the UK, based on average income levels.

It’s not clear whether we’ll have a reserved fund for our area or whether we’ll have to compete against other applicants across a wider area.

Members discussed the future of grant funding in the recent planning meeting. Councillor Dudley Mumford wanted to know whether the current rules would be altered so the islands could be eligible for grant funding for transport services such as the purchase of boats or planes, but development manager, Diana Mompoloki says that’s not likely.