Asbestos-Like Material Identified At Waste Site

Waste management site at Moorwell

There’s a chance that asbestos has been dumped at the Moorwell waste facility.

Staff at the site noticed a material similar to asbestos building sheets in a load dumped on Tuesday afternoon.

Chief Technical officer, Neville Gardner, says this was quickly isolated and covered as per the site’s normal protocol.

He said the person who left the waste has been contacted and has said it’s not asbestos, but he’s been asked to provide the correct certification to prove this. We understand the material came from a St Mary’s business.

If it is, Neville says, the person will have to arrange correct disposal at his own cost.

He said it’s hard to know what the material is as some completely safe building products have the same texture and shape as asbestos sheets.

However, he said that even if it does turn out to be asbestos, the swift actions of the site staff to isolate it mean there’s no danger to the general public.