Scilly’s AONB To Apply For Lottery Funding

The Isles of Scilly AONB is making plans to apply for up to £2m of Heritage Lottery Funding.

Manager Trevor Kirk said several AONBs in England have been successful in securing funding from the HLF’s Landscape Partnership Scheme, which supports programmes that protect or restore the landscape.

And the AONB’s Joint Advisory Committee chair, Philip Hygate says he’s been approached twice by the South of England lead for the fund. She’s keen to receive a bid from the islands, he said.

Philip said she’s also been very open about the large increase in the budget available for funding such projects following the success of the London Olympics.

However, it’s still not clear what the money would be spent on.

Trevor said they’d need to start identifying some of the challenges and opportunities and work backwards. One theme is ‘Islands in Time’ which Trevor said would reflect “the interaction between the marine and terrestrial landscapes.”

Marian Bennett was more forthright, saying a useful way to spend the money would be on projects that enhance the views of the islands, such as rebuilding stone walls or tackling overgrown pittosporum hedges. She said that would have a big benefit on tourism.

Trevor and Philip visited the North Pennines AONB earlier this year to see projects funded by their HLF award. Philip said he was impressed by the ‘outstanding’ work he saw, including projects to restore upland meadows and manage water usage.

Two members of the North Pennines AONB will be visiting Scilly as consultants in October to help draft some initial plans.


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