LINk4Scilly Holding AGM

Carol Clarke from LINK

The annual general meeting of the LINk4Scilly health watchdog takes place on Thursday and manager, Carol Clarke, is hoping that more volunteers will step forward.

The organisation is currently looking for more people to investigate mental health provision on the islands. Carol says mental health services here could be enhanced, particularly counselling services which are hard to access.

And there’s also work that needs to be done in developing dementia care strategies.

She says the volunteers do make a difference and often monitor health care and social service provision, make recommendations and suggestions for improving services and giving feedback based on local need and opinion.

There’s also a space for a committee member and Carol says the ideal applicant would be “feisty and organised.“

From Radio Scilly

Carol Clarke on the upcoming changes to LINk4Scilly

The meeting, at 11am on Thursday at the Mermaid, will also hear how the government is going to extend the remit of the LINk organisations across the country.

It will become a Healthwatch.

Healthwatch nationally is designed to give locals advice on where to go for medical services and support, but that may not happen here.

Carol says she prefers medical professionals offering advice and as our islands’ Healthwatch will have much smaller resources than mainland equivalents, they’ll probably concentrate on providing contacts within mainland groups who can provide help and information.

A shadow group will oversee the transition to the new body, which is expected to work closely with the Council.

Carol says some islanders may think there could be a conflict of interest as Healthwatch could investigate the Council’s social service provision, but in practice the current LINk and the Town Hall have worked well together and she’d expect that to continue.