Garrison Holiday Flat Can Be Extended

Council Chambers at the Old Wesleyan Chapel

Planners have approved a revised scheme to extend a holiday flat.

The owner, Peter Lethbridge, submitted the plans as he felt the Old Cottage Flat, on Garrison Hill, was in need of an upgrade but this was proving difficult with the current, small one-bedroom property.

He asked to convert the adjoining, flat-roofed garage into a lounge and dining room, with an additional bedroom and en suite built above.

Chief planning officer Craig Dryden said the original scheme, which had placed a large window in the existing garage, had received a complaint from a neighbour who was worried about being overlooked.

He said the plans had been revised with smaller windows and he felt the changes would now improve the overall appearance of the property, although he added a condition that the windows would need to be obscured and non-opening to protect the privacy of neighbouring properties.


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